Brewiks Boost

Brewiks Boost has been specially developed for use on our two vessel brewing system Brewiks 1000. The job was to operate a 10 HL plant with a private power connection of max. 63 Ampere, and provide a favorable alternative to the classic steam generator. Brewiks Boost is easy to install and easy to use. Power rating of the system is 40kW.

The trick is not to generate the heat when it is needed, but rather to store it, for example, with favorable night-time current. The ingenious layer storage system ensures a clean layering of the temperature zones and prevents the mixing of hot and cold water.

In principle, we distinguish between 3 modes. Mode 1 is to load the storage. Here, the heating medium circulates through the lower reaches of the reservoir and the Brewiks Booster heating elements, the water is directly heated and parked in the 1500-liter reservoir. The whole system is pressurized, so that temperatures up to 110 °C are reached. Charging time: about 6 hours

In the second mode, the mash tun is supplied with energy, the hot water is drawn out of the tank, reheated and then transported directly into the heating jacket of the mash tun. The "colder" water is then fed back into the store, thanks to the layer accumulator without mixing and cooling the hot upper water. If no energy is required, Brewiks Boost switches back to mode 1 and recharges. Heating rate in mash tun: 1 °C / minute.

Later in the process, during lautering, also the mode two is used to heat the wort, after reaching the cooking temperature, the system switches to the third and last mode, the cooking, the store is closed and the heating medium circulates only over the heating elements and the heating jacket of the wort.

The Brewiks boost is not a must have, it is only a cost-effective and simple alternative to the classic steam generator. Of course, the system can also be heated by steam.


Brewiks boost
  1. Energy storage tank with 4 temperature zones
  2. Brewiks Booster, heating station with 40 kW electrical heating capacity
  3. Expansion vessel, safety fitting
  4. Leader
  5. Returns


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