Semiautomatic counterpressure filler "Fillmatic"

With the Fillmatic filler you can fill beer and other CO²-containing beverages into 0.5 l and 0.33 l bottles using counterpressure. Approx. 100-120 0.5 l bottles can be filled per hour with a sigle filler-unit. The filling takes place through a filling tube which is inserted into the bottles with a pneumatic cylinder. The filling takes place under CO² - back pressure of up to 2 bar. The filling speed can be infinitely adjusted by a throttle. Since the filling quantity is measured, the filling process is automatically stopped by the controller when the setpoint is reached. Ideally, beer should be bottled at a temperature of 1-2 ° C.

The bottler is controlled by a integrated PLC. All process-relevant characteristics are adjustable. This ensures reliable reproducibility of all parameters during the entire filling process.

  • semiautomatic counterpressure filler
  • multiple bottle forms and types
  • up to 300 bottles per hour (using three filler units)
  • extendable
  • Connection for compressed air with plug-in nipple NW 7.2
  • Pressure min. 5 bar to 8 bar max
  • Connection for CO² with plug-in nipple 6mm, 4 bar
  • Beer pipe with plug nipple, 8mm

Modular expandable, flexible, mobile

The modular design of the Fillmatic system makes it extremely flexible and expandable. The basis is a mobile worktable with gutter on which the individual units can be mounted at will. The table has space for e.g. 1 x Korkfix (corker), 1 x rinser and up to three Fillmatic filler-units.

Semiautomatic counterpressure filler "Fillmatic"

The bottler is designed as a standalone unit. The housing made of polished stainless steel 1.4301 contains a high-quality, low-wear linear guide with adjustable plastic slide rails for the filling head. The feed for the filling pipe is taken over by a pneumatic cylinder with cushioning. The cylinder is controlled by 5/2-way valves with mounted exhaust air throttle.

The CO² valve is located in the column and is designed as a 3/2-way valve. In the filling head is a flow meter, which is especially suitable for beer and other carbonated liquids. In the inflow pipe there is a stainless steel solenoid valve which controls the beer flow.

All parts that come in contact with beer or CO² are approved for food. The seals are made of EPDM or Viton.

Beer siphons and party kegs

With the "Fillmatic S" there is also a model available to additionally fill beer siphons (for example, 2 liters) and 5 liter party kegs.

CO²-Gegendruck Flaschen-Füller Fillmatic für Bier
CO²-Gegendruck Füller Fillmatic-S für Siphon Flaschen
Füller Fillmatic-S für 5 ltr Party Dosen

Pneumatic crowner "Korkfix"

The crowner "Korkfix" can be used to seal beer and other drinks in 0.5 l and 0.33 l glass bottles with crown caps Ø 26 mm or Ø 29 mm. The closure is done by a corking head, which presses the cap by means of a cylinder on the bottle mouth. The cap blank is inserted by hand and held by a magnet on the corking head. The device works with compressed air, no power connection is required.

The crowner is designed as a table version with non-slip feet. The housing made of polished stainless steel 1.4301 contains a high quality pneumatic cylinder as a corking unit. For safety reasons, the operation is carried out as a two-hand operation by means of two push-buttons, which are mounted on the right and left of the housing. Depending on the shape of the bottle used, the corresponding bottle holder must first be inserted.

The corker is equipped with a splinter guard as standard, which protects against bursting bottles.

Kronkorken Flaschen-Verschließer Korkfix
Kronkorken verschießer fillmatic zeichnung

Bottle Rinser

Cleaning station with 2 or 4 rinsing heads, rinsing time adjustable from 1-10 sec. Push-button actuation, valve made of stainless steel, incl. Power supply 12V, lighting of the bottles, water connection "Gardena", or according to customer request.

Flaschenreinigungsstation für 4 Stationen

Mobile working table

Mobile working table made of stainless steel, with 5 places, for receiving e.g. 3 x Fillmatic, 1 x Korkfix and 1 x rinse station.