Lease instead of buying!

From now on we also offer our customers the possibility to lease our entire brewing and filling technology through our partner company, the LeasingUnion.

The opening, modernization and upgrading of your brewery often means a high upfront investment. Such an acquisition is a short-term issue, but provides long-term returns and income.

Our leasing partner now makes it easy for you to open, optimize or expand your location cost-effectively. The LeasingUnion offers all-round support and ensures the right solutions of all sizes. Attractive leasing offers keep you liquid and flexible.

Whether bottling or canning line, labeler, cooling units or complete brewhouse! Everything can be leased.

  • Pay as you earn
  • Your liquidity (equity) remains intact
  • Your credit line with the house bank remains and unaffected
  • Tax savings through monthly deductibility of the lease payments

Your contact person is a brewer!

With Dennis Lütkhoff from the LeasingUnion we have found the perfect partner for you. As a trained brewer and maltster, he knows his stuff very well, and has already given many breweries and founders the ideal leasing offer.

Even after the conclusion of the lease contract, your only contact person remains Mr. Lütkhoff.

Lease instead of buying?

Examples of monthly leasing rates

Net invest 60 month 72 month
20.000,- € 319,- € 271,- €
30.000,- € 474,- € 403,- €
50.000,- € 785,- € 668,- €
80.000,- € 1.255,- € 1.066,- €
120.000,- € 1.880,- € 1.599,- €

Non-binding offer based on the current refinancing conditions of our leasing partners with a medium credit rating. Calculated here without a deposit and with a residual value of 20%.