You want to experience "Brewiks" in action? To take a close look at him? Get involved yourself? No problem - just visit us in our own micro brewery in the beautiful Allgäu and brew for a day with us on the Brewiks 300 liter from Mithraeum.

Together with our 2 master brewers Manuel Günther and Florian Graßl you can put the system through its paces. We will show you how to use the system, give tips on brewing and advise you on the implementation of your project.

For the sustenance is provided! Beer, wheat and IPA from our own production. White sausage breakfast with fresh sausages from the butcher just around the corner.

360° View


  • Brewiks Microbrewery 300 Liter
  • 2x Brewiks BBT 50 and 2x Brewiks CCT 25 tanks
  • Cooling unit Chilly 45 LT from Kreyer/Quantor
  • Semiautomatic counterpressure bottler 'Fillmatic'
  • Plateheatexchanger from Sondex
  • Maltmill from Sommer
  • CO2-Alert "CellarSafe"

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