Cylinder conical pressure tank (CCT)

Cylinderconical tanks are built with a cylindrical top and a conical bottom as the name implies. This form of storage tank has proven itself, since the yeast can accumulate at the bottom and can be removed easily and completely. In addition, the tanks are so better to clean (CIP) and empties.

Previously cylinderconical tanks (CCT) were produced from black steel. Today, CCTs are exclusively made of stainless steel (1.4301 or 1.4306). Widely known as V2A and V4A.

In order to avoid infections, the inner surface of the CCT is at least as important as the material itself. It must be as planar as possible and must not contain any indentations. This unevenness of the surface is referred to as roughness or roughness depth. By machining the steel, this can be reduced and the risk of infection can be minified. The surface roughness should not exceed 0.8 μm for a high-quality tank. This type of post-processing is associated with a lot of effort and thus additional costs.

In contrast to the cylindrical part, the conical part of the tank is often polished. This results in a roughness depth of up to <0.2μm. This effort is operated to improve the yeast output and to remove all yeast cells and debris particles completely without residue during cleaning.

Particular attention should also be paid to the weld seams. These must be sanded to avoid contamination. In the case of "cheap tanks", this processing of the weld seams is often carried out in a deficient manner. Often the cheap price can be attributed to it. Such processing errors can only rarely be managed with intensive cleaning and disinfecting.

  • Cooling jacket on cylinder and cone
  • Heating and cooling operation possible
  • Insulation
  • Safety equipment
  • CIP spray-ball and connection
  • Working pressure 2 bar
  • PED certificate (TüV papers)
  • Manhole from top
  • Thermostat
  • Solenoid valve for cooling
  • Electrically wired and connected (Plug & Brew)
  • Connection: 230V (cooling control)
Volume5 HL7 HL10 HL15 HL20 HL25 HL30 HL40 HL45 HL50 HL60 HL
Working VolumeLiter500700100015002000250030004000450050006000
Total VolumeLiter700980135021002750370041405260645070508500
A (Width)mm1110126014101410166016601760191019102060
F (Height)mm2360254030203470324034903900415045304530
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