Wort Cooler

A very important step in the brewing process is cooling the wort. The hot wort is cooled down to the set temperature using a plate heat exchanger. Thereby the multiplication of biocompatible microorganisms is prevented.

The plate heat exchangers consist of a plurality of thin metal plates arranged in parallel, which are passed alternately by wort and cooling water.

The hot wort is cooled down using cold water (or ice water); the cooling water thereby heats up to a temperature which can be regulated via the amount of the water flow.

Single Stage Wort Cooler

Technical FactsWC5WC9
Flow of wort500 l/h900 l/h
Plates amount1220
Power47 kW85 kW
Effective plate surface0.84 m21.51 m2
Plate material0.5 mm AISI 3160.5 mm AISI 316
Volume2 Liter4 Liter
Weight37 kg40 kg
Connections1 1/4 "1 1/4 "
FrameLackiert, BLUE RAL 5010Lackiert, BLUE RAL 5010
Frame length (L)112 mm112 mm
Pwt einstufig
Pwt einstufig meassure

Two Stage Wort Cooler

Technical FactsWC16
Flow of wort1600 l/h
Plates amount14
Effective plate surface1.01 m2
Plate material0.5 mm AISI 316
Volume3 Liter
Weight153 kg
ConnectionsDN 25
Frame length (L)555 mm
Pwt zweistufig
Pwt zweistufig meassure