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Welcome to eight degree solutions!
Your Brewiks Partner in Europe.

EDS is a long-standing partner of Mithraeum d.o.o. Slovenia and specializes in project planning and implementation of the Brewiks series. Together, we offer our customers a long-term cooperation in their projects and offer solutions and services for beer brewing.
  • Brewiks Service Center Europe
  • Small and medium-sized breweries
  • Start-ups and cross-borderers
  • Project planning and development
  • Commissioning & Start-Up Support
  • Technological and Technical Consulting

Our Services

EDS supervises your project from the beginning of your first idea to planning, implementation, commissioning and training and even far beyond. We plan and manufacture solutions for you according to your wishes and your budget.

Feasibility and concepts

What does not fit, is made fit - Together with you, we examine the possibilities, create concepts, determine space requirements and infrastructure. Our international team of brewers, engineers and process engineers can find the right solution.

Brewing technology, start-up and professional line

All the beginning is hard - Start your business according to your ideas. Grow with your business, we accompany you along this path and offer you interesting upgrade possibilities.

Fermentation and storage cellar

Good things take time - For many beer styles the storage is enormously important and a great quality factor. The storage is often the "bottle neck" of a brewery. The right interpretation of your fermentation / storage cellar saves time and money, we will help you.


Small but important - Utilities are unimpressive but ultimately keep your brewery running. __We help you choose the right one. Cooling units, steam generators, energy storage, …

Commissioning and training

Lets get ready to rumble - The commissioning of a system is likely to be the most exciting part of a project - do not worry, our plants are all tested and pre-set at the factory. If desired, we will be happy to assist you and brew the first brew together with you.

Water treatment

It's all about the water - to be more specific, brewing water! Because "water" is not equal to "brewing water". A very complex and important topic, because every beer style has its optimal water profile. With us you get the advice and the right equipment.