Cooling Units

Chilly - LT

The cooling units of the Chilly-Standard series have a compact design. They are space-saving and easy to assemble.

Thanks to their attractive price and minimal installation requirements the Chilly series is the optimal solution for small breweries that need only cooling for their production. The units are suitable for various cooling applications in drinks production.

Technical FactsChilly 25 LTChilly 35 LTChilly 45 LT
Cooling capacitykW2,43,54,5
Tank volumeLiter183030
Max. current consumptionA10,511,712,0
Noise leveldBA657270
Cooling water temperature (min/max)-10°C / +25°C
Max. ambient temperature42°C
Electrical supply230V/1Ph/50Hz
  • Easy filling of the water tank from the outside
  • Tank emptying via external water level indicator
  • Integrated centrifugal pump

Chilly - MAX

The Chilly MAX unit has a compact design. It takes little space and is very easy to install and to start-up. The units are mobile on wheels. The same as the Chilly shelf-top units, the Chilly MAX is equipped with a hermetically closed motor compressor and with a complete cooling water circuit containing stainless steel water tank and centrifugal pump. Also, they contain an additional heater which is integrated inside a stainless steel water-tank.

The new generation of the Chilly MAX series is equipped with a micro-channel condenser which enables even more efficient heat-transfer. The ventilator is mounted on the top part of the unit, so the unit can be placed near a wall with any side facing it. The side-boards are very easy to remove, allowing easy access for maintenance.

Technical FactsChilly MAX 50 LTChilly MAX 90 LTChilly MAX 110 LT
Cooling capacitykW6,410,712,7
Heating capacitykW3,03,03,0
Max. current consumptionA7,811,114,9
Tank volume26 Liter
Noise level73 dBA
Cooling water temperature (min/max)-10°C / +40°C
Max. ambient temperature42°C
Electrical supply400V/3Ph/50Hz
Connections3/4“ IG
Chilly max
  • Integrated Heater
  • Insulated water tank
  • Integrated centrifugal pump
  • Mounted on wheels
  • All drives at least IP54 protected